While it may be far from difficult to find commercial painting services available in your area, you need to ensure you’re making the best choice when hiring a contractor for your project. This means there are a number of things you should keep in mind when hiring the right contractor.  

It takes a skillful hand to deal with commercial properties and most people tend to overlook the little things that can take a paint job from good to great and the power your painting team has over the outcome. 

This could potentially have serious, and long-term, consequences on the state of your property, so ensure that you understand what to look for when choosing commercial painting services. 

  1. They do everything by the book

When hiring a commercial painter, you should ensure that the company is fully insured, licensed (if applicable), and bonded. 

Commercial painting jobs, especially if it’s a large property, are rather complex and may require specialized equipment like power washers, paint sprayers, scaffolding, sandblasters, and aerial lifts—all tools that require a certain level of expertise to operate safely.

Safety is a priority to look for in all commercial painting services. And it’s important to ensure that your hire upholds thorough safety practices and follows OSHA regulations.

The latter refers to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards that set the best practices for employees dealing with potentially hazardous equipment and substances. 

Keep an eye out for liability insurance too, as this is needed to protect your painting team from accidents or injuries. 

If anything happens to the painting team while working on your property, there’s a risk that you will be held responsible for the incident without liability insurance.

General liability insurance will also protect your building if any damage occurs while it is painted. 

  1. They can communicate effectively about the project

One of the best signs that a contractor is the right fit for the job is their ability to communicate and listen. While this wouldn’t seem like much of a skill or necessity for a job like painting, it’s actually quite vital to get a project done correctly, and on the timeline you planned for. 

Miscommunication during your commercial painting project could potentially lead to disastrous results, including a lot of time, effort, and money wasted on trying to rectify errors that could have been avoided easily. 

Along these same lines,  the more detail a company provides with a contract, the better—make sure that the contract you receive clearly states what is included in the job as well as what’s not included. 

You shouldn’t be signing anything until you have read and understood all aspects of the contract. If areas seem unclear or ambiguous, seek clarification from the team you plan to enlist before you proceed. 

Be wary of any painting company that’s reluctant to answer any questions you may have about your contract.

  1. They have a good reputation in the industry

High-quality commercial painting services will have a litany of positive reviews to refer to. Check up on any testimonials they have received as well as online reviews on other websites to see what their clients have to say about their experiences. 

You can ask for their painting portfolio to see examples of your painting company’s previous work to ensure that the work is up to standard. Enquire after projects that bear a strong resemblance to yours so that you know they have the right experience and skills for your particular project. 

Asking them for a reference will also be a good idea as you can get their honest feedback. Looking at some of the projects they have completed will give you a good idea about how your paint job will hold up. 

Don’t settle—get the best commercial painting services for your property

There are plenty of options when it comes to commercial painters, so don’t just stick with the first company you come across.

Make sure you consider all the things highlighted above when choosing a commercial painting service. Spending the right amount of time doing your research will help you get the right team for the job.