Exterior painting is not an easy task.

It requires time, dedication, and effort to ensure that you’re left with a paint coat that not only satisfies your eyes but also your home.

This is because exterior painting doesn’t just work to upscale the appearance of the house. It also helps to protect your exterior walls from the elements.

A good exterior paint job should last just as long as the paint itself.

So here are the 5 rules you need to keep in mind when exterior painting in Philadelphia.

Keep in mind that a professional can deliver a high-quality exterior painting job within a short time.

So always consider this option before trying to DIY it, as exterior painting can be a tough job for an inexperienced painter.

1. Pick the right time

When it comes to exterior painting in Philadelphia, you’re going to want to pick the right time to start painting.

If the weather is too hot, the paint can dry too fast and if the weather is too cold, the paint could take too long to dry. Both of these conditions can lead to blisters, cracks, or peeling in time.

Similarly, if the weather is too windy or damp, the paint could bubble or have little pieces of debris that got lodged in the paint while it was still wet.

So when exterior painting in Philadelphia, one of the best times to paint is during the early days of summer. This is when the weather is still a little mild, the sun isn’t too hot, and the humidity hasn’t necessarily kicked in yet.

2. Ensure you prepare properly

One of the most important parts of the painting process doesn’t involve the paint itself—it’s the preparation of your walls beforehand so that when you do start painting, it will properly adhere to the walls. 

Paint has to be applied onto a clean and dry surface that isn’t covered with peeling or flaking old paint.

You need to ensure that all the surfaces you intend to paint are properly clean and smooth. This can be achieved by washing, scraping, and sanding down any uneven surfaces, and identifying and filling in any faults in the walls.

3. Utilize high-quality tools and materials

You should never skimp out on your materials when you’re exterior painting in Philadelphia. 

You’re going to want to shelve out money for all the top-quality paint and tools as this is the only way to guarantee a good finished product. 

Cheap tools and paint will leave you with a paint job that begins to peel much sooner, which can end up costing more in the long run.

4. Use multiple coats of paint

If you’re painting the exteriors of new construction, a majorly weathered surface, or are planning on changing the color of your exteriors, you should apply multiple coats of exterior paint.

If you’re painting over bare wood or metal, you should begin with a primer as the base coat, as this will help keep the paint from bleeding. 

Some painters also like to tint the primer toward the color of the final coat of paint to minimize the need for two finish coats of paint, saving you time as well.

You can also, however, tint the primer with a contrasting color, which will help to identify spots that the final coats haven’t completely covered.

5. Do your research

If you’re serious about painting exteriors, you must already know that it’s going to be a rather large project to undertake. 

While interior painting is more manageable for a casual DIY fix, exterior painting can be a lot more challenging. 

The only way to ensure you end up with a good quality painting job by the end of it is to properly research the project and all the techniques and tools you’ll need to get the job done to a high standard.

Exterior painting in Philadelphia—be realistic

Any exterior painting job is going to be difficult for someone who isn’t professionally trained. 

You should be realistic with the amount of effort you’ll have to put into this project to DIY and be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to completing it. 

Alternatively, you can always take on an exterior house painting service that can provide experienced professionals to come and deliver a painting job that will be up to high standards and meet your requirements.

While it may cost you a little bit more, it can also save you a lot of time and effort.