Adding color to your kitchen makes it a more inviting space—one you will enjoy being in. Picking a shade for your kitchen cabinets, in particular, requires some thought, as it will be permanent until it needs to be repainted.

Classic browns and whites are a safe option but choosing a shade with more decorative power can have its benefits, especially if you’re trying to brighten or make your kitchen look more spacious.

Consider the style of your cabinets before following through with the following color ideas for painting kitchen cabinets, as it’s important for the color to complement the design of your cabinets.

  1. Gray
  • Gray works with any style of kitchen. Light grays are ideal for smaller kitchens as it allows light to reflect better, making the room more spacious.
  • On their own, gray cabinets may look quite dull. Incorporating contrasting accessories and kitchen wall decor can tie together the gray scheme.
  • Gray cabinets are also ideal when it comes to hiding dirt and grime that’s unavoidable with everyday use.
  1. Yellow or orange
  • Considering warm tones such as yellow or orange as color ideas for painting kitchen cabinets is a growing trend. These shades are energetic and can instantly create an inviting ambiance, especially when there is a good source of natural light.
  • These shades are ideal for a simple slab cabinet rather than a more traditional set of cabinets.
  • Yellow or orange cabinets are easy to clean, although paler shades might not do too well in hiding grime.
  1. Green
  • Green kitchen cabinets allow for a fresh and soothing kitchen environment. From deep greens to earthy sage tones, painting your cabinets green can create a sleek kitchen setting.
  • Lighter green cabinets can make a small kitchen more spacious, while dark green cabinets are ideal to make a larger kitchen look more sophisticated.
  • It’s also a very practical color—grime and other marks won’t be as visible and this reduces cleaning time.
  1. Black
  • Black cabinets in a kitchen immediately make the rest of the room look dramatic and elegant. Avoid adding too many pale contrasts as it can take away from the sophistication.
  • If you have a large kitchen space, make sure there’s a lot of natural light coming in during the day and that there’s sufficient kitchen lighting fitted, as black tends to absorb light.
  • Black cabinets are extremely low maintenance as you don’t have to constantly keep cleaning them.
  1. Red
  • Muted orange-red hues create a rustic, warm kitchen setting. If you’re looking to make your kitchen cozier, painting your cabinets a warm shade of red can accentuate that homely look you’re going for.
  • Red kitchen cabinets are eye-catching, rich, and sophisticated, so you don’t have to worry about your kitchen looking too rustic.
  • Cabinets painted in deep red hues are easy to clean and don’t highlight any signs of grime.

6. Two-tone colors

  • Going with a two-tone color scheme is a great color idea for painting kitchen cabinets and can add more definition to your kitchen without overcomplicating things.
  • Navy and white, for example, are two colors that complement each other. Navy blue cabinets with white detailing create a clean, sharp look for your kitchen.
  • Make sure the dark shade is used below the eye line and the lighter shade is used above it to create a less contrasting color scheme.

Pick the right color idea for painting kitchen cabinets

Think about how you want the kitchen to look and feel and how it fits with the rest of your house’s interior. The process of picking just the right shade for your kitchen cabinets can get overwhelming.

Do your research and gather inspiration from various sources. Once you’ve selected your kitchen cabinet color options, contact your local color consultant and painting contractor in Center City who will help you make the best decision.