Having a well-maintained commercial property is essential to the success of your business. A building with curb appeal not only draws potential customers’ attention but also helps retain your existing clientele.

A fresh coat of paint for the exterior of your commercial space will keep it looking clean and fresh. This can also indicate that you take pride in your service and invest in professional services to maintain your property.

Hiring a company specializing in commercial exterior painting can make a huge difference, from how customers perceive your business to how you can avoid any potential problems that can arise when painting the exterior of your property. So how does an expert carry out commercial exterior painting to give your property a new look?

1. By planning the scope of your project

A professional painter will always begin by understanding the scope of the painting project. They will pay special attention to the number of buildings that have to be painted, the number of coats of paint required, and the weather condition.

An expert will also make sure to carry out their operations in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business activities.

2. By making a project budget

Professional exterior commercial painting experts will always make sure that they’re fully transparent in how they charge for a project. 

They’re aware of certain budget constraints that a business may have for maintenance and will stay within the proposed budget while providing a high-quality service.

3. By choosing the right color

A color scheme that complements the brand is extremely important. A reputable painting expert will provide consultations so you can pick the most suitable color scheme for your brand.

They may even take into consideration the existing color scheme of your brand and provide you with various options to choose from.

4. By taking the time to prep 

A professional commercial exterior painting expert will never compromise on prep work. Although prep work might be time-consuming and expensive, it’s extremely vital as it ensures the durability of the exterior paint job.

An expert will take their time pressure washing, stripping, sanding, caulking, and restoring any damages before beginning to paint.

5. By using top-of-the-line products

Expert painters will always source their materials and equipment from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. This guarantees a high-quality, durable finish that can cut down the costs of frequent maintenance.

Professional painting experts will also make sure that the paint they use is non-toxic and poses no health risks to the people who frequent your commercial space. Paints that are low in VOCs and odorless are commonly used types of paints.

6. By selecting the right paint finish

Hiring a professional commercial painter can eliminate the struggle of selecting a paint finish that’s durable and complements your property. You’ll be able to tell whether your chosen painting expert can do a finessed job by the paints they use. 

Commercial exterior painting experts use high-quality paints to give a better, long-lasting look.

7. By inspecting the project

Once the project is complete, a professional commercial painter will perform a walk-through with a facility manager to check each area to make sure that the project is complete according to the requirements provided.

This post-service care is important to ensure a thorough job is done and also shows that the painter goes that extra mile to complete the painting job undertaken.

Hire a commercial exterior painting expert in Pennsylvania

Before hiring a commercial painting expert, make sure that your commercial property is up to code. If you notice any damages, be sure to get them repaired before proceeding to paint.

Taking care of any repairs beforehand can save you time and money. Some painting services may even offer to repair wall damages before painting, which is practical and less time-consuming than looking for reliable repair services.
If you’re unsure about what commercial painting experts can do for your commercial property, contact a reputable painting company in your area for an expert consultation.