You’ll know a good paint job when you see it. 

It’s more than just color—a good paint job will look and feel transformative, taking a regular old room and making it feel like a whole new space. 

The quality of your paint job, however, will greatly depend on the experience of your painter and their use of painting techniques and color theory to deliver a quality coat that’s true to your intentions. 

So here’s how experienced painters in West Chester PA can change the way you think about your home. 

Make it feel brand-new

A new coat of paint on your exterior and interior walls can help to make your home look like an entirely new space. 

Not only will experienced painters in West Chester PA be able to make your home look much more attractive and eye-catching, but they can also upgrade the value of your home.

New paint can freshen up and clean the entire space, taking a dull-looking bedroom and giving it the energy boost you’ve been waiting for. 

Painting the exterior of your home has a similar effect to the interior refresh, giving your home a clean new look that can leave a lasting impression on you or others who see it from the outside.

Manipulate the apparent size of a room

Wall paint has the power to change the apparent size of a room. 

Bright colors can make a wall appear further away than it is, while dark colors make a wall appear closer. 

This means that having your painters use bright colors for wall paint can help to make a room look large and breezy—perfect for a space such as your living room. 

Adding light colors to your ceiling can make the room look taller, while certain walls being painted lighter can work to elongate the space in a certain direction. 

In the meantime, if you’re trying to make a room look smaller for a cozier and more private feel, dark wall paint is the way to go. 

This can be perfect for formal dining rooms or a home office. 

Knowing how and when to create this effect often comes down to the experience of your painters.

Experienced painters in West Chester PA can help identify the spaces in your home that could use this type of paint job, and thereby change the way you perceive your home. 

Add contrast and personality

Adding contrast to your home through a new paint job can be one of the most effective ways to liven up certain spaces. 

For instance, you may have a room in your home that just feels a bit boring, with too much neutral furniture and decor that doesn’t stand out. 

Using interesting wall paint that contrasts the furniture can make the room feel more alive. Colors like lilac, sage green, or light blue work well with black, gray, or brown-toned furniture. 

This can also be a great way to add a little bit of your personality to your home so that when you look at it, it’s an embodiment of you. 

Yet another way of adding contrast and personality is by incorporating an accent wall or painting certain wall trim with a color that contrasts the color of the walls. 

Experienced painters in West Chester PA, can help you come up with the best combination of colors that can add contrast and personality to your home in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Hire experienced painters in West Chester PA and give your home the makeover it deserves

Professional painters will know exactly how to treat your home. 

They’ll be able to manipulate your space to look exactly how you want it to look, whether it’s to brighten up or add more personality to your home, so that by the end of the paint job, they’ll have changed the way you look at your home.