Commercial painting projects require a great deal of skill and expertise and quite a different approach is taken than when undertaking a residential painting project.

Painting the exterior of commercial property needs more attention as it’s constantly exposed to the natural elements. A rough estimate of the durability of an exterior paint job is around 5 to 10 years. 

As the owner of a commercial property, being concerned about the durability of an exterior painting project is valid, especially if you’re considering hiring a professional commercial painter. 

Reputed painters know exactly how to approach an exterior painting project. With their expertise, they’re able to inspect the current condition of the surface and follow a suitable, customized approach.

Expert painters will follow a series of steps involving the preparation of the surface before painting, as this is what guarantees a durable finish.

  1. Surface inspecting

Expert commercial painters know exactly where to look when inspecting the exterior of a building. Imperfections are usually found around windows, gutters, downspouts, and other areas where water is likely to accumulate.

A meticulous inspection process is crucial as it ensures that the surfaces are suitable for painting.

  1. Surface cleaning

Professional painters are equipped with special tools to assist them in a quick and thorough cleaning process. 

Any cracked or peeling paint is scraped off with a strong blade to increase the adhesion of the new paint to the surface.

Commonly used cleaning solutions to remove dust, grease, and moss from exteriors are:

  • Power washing is where water is propelled at a high speed to remove the toughest stains
  • Air blasting is where pressurized air is shot through a nozzle to remove dirt; this method is commonly used in commercial projects
  1. Surface drying 

Paint will only adhere to clean, dry surfaces. Professional commercial painters will always make sure that the exterior surface is completely dry before it’s painted.

After the surface is cleaned thoroughly, they will give it enough time to dry and carry out a final inspection to make sure there’s no moisture left before continuing painting.

  1. Surface repairing

Cracks are common in the exteriors of commercial buildings. An effective method that painters use to minimize the appearance and repair the damage is caulking the area.

Using fillers to even out the surface is another method that painters use to make the final paint job look uniform and professional.

  1. Surface sanding and priming

Not only does sanding help the priming process but it also makes the surface area act as a good canvas to help the paint adhere to it better.

Commercial painters will use different types of primers depending on the type of surface and the color that will follow to ensure it will last a long time while maintaining an appealing appearance.

Factors a painter considers for a durable exterior paint job

A few other factors that professionals will consider before undertaking a painting project are:

  • Favorable weather conditions: Lots of rain means increased levels of moisture which can cause paint to bubble, crack, and drastically reduce its durability
  • Premium-quality paint: A reputable company will always use top-of-the-line paints that are manufactured to withstand any type of weather

Hire commercial painters who specialize in commercial painting projects

If you’re looking to give the exterior of your commercial property a new look, consider repainting it for an instant upgrade.

While hiring a commercial painting service might be an investment, hiring professional commercial painting contractors in particular can guarantee an exterior paint job that will last.