Interior painting in your Philadelphia home can be a tiresome project. Although lengthy, the actual procedure isn’t as complex as it seems.

Here we break down the 15 supplies that are necessary for any indoor painting job, along with their uses, to get the best look when interior painting in Philadelphia

Choosing a Just keep in mind that it’s always easier to hire professional painters when undertaking any painting job as they will often get the job done much faster and to a higher standard while saving you a lot of time and effort.

Necessary supplies for interior painting

  1. Primer: This seals the original material of the surface being painted, preventing new paint from seeping in and mixing with old colors.
  2. Paint: This is the main component of your entire interior painting project. Make sure to have all the colors necessary and enough to cover the entire surface of what you will be painting. Consider the lighting of the area being painted as well as the type of finish you want. 
  3. Spackling paste: This is putty used to cover holes and cracks on surfaces, allowing the paint to go on smoother. It’ll give you a cleaner look in the end.
  4. Putty knife: This is a metal knife used to smoothen out the spackling paste.
  5. Sanding sponge: This is sandpaper used to smoothen the surface you’ll be painting on and it’ll get rid of any bumps and other imperfections on the painting surface.
  6. Drop cloth: This is what you’ll want if you like the color of your floors. Put this down before anything else to catch any mess that might be made.
  7. Painters tape: This is usually used to line the corners of your walls to get clean corners. It’s extremely useful if you’re using multiple colors as it prevents them from mixing. Be sure to wait for the paint to dry before adding a new color.  
  8. Stir sticks: These are a requirement as before using any paint, it’s important to stir it so that the consistency and color provide a better finish once used.
  9. Paint rollers: These are the most efficient tools to use to evenly cover large surfaces. There are short and long rollers, which make it easier to reach hard-to-reach areas.
  10. Roller covers: These contain moisture within the paint before it dries up fast, keeping it wet and usable. Make full use of all the paint that you have purchased.
  11. Paint trays: These are essential to ration out your paint and use it as you go. Make sure to get separate paint trays for different colors. 
  12. Paint brushes: These allow the painter to fine-tune any imperfections or corners that are tricky to finish off with a roller as they provide more detail.
  13. Ladder: This will be a safe and efficient way of ensuring that the entire area is painted properly and completely, especially if the surface that’s being covered is of great length.
  14. Loose cloth: This is needed in case of any spillage—a quick dab of water on some cloth will take care of any mess without causing damage to the project.
  15. 10-in-1 tool: This is a versatile tool that has equipment for any situation, such as a knife, screwdriver, ruler, and more. This can be used for interior painting when opening paint cans or measuring placements for electrical sockets.

Other considerations

When completing your interior painting in Philadelphia, you should always make sure to carry out all the steps carefully to get a clean and smooth finish.

You should also be mindful of the weather—while you may think the summer is the best time to complete a painting job, Philadelphia summers often get a little too humid for the paint to properly dry.

Since you need to allow paint ample time to dry between coats, the best time to paint would be late spring or early summer. 

Try to also maintain a tidy workstation during your interior painting project to prevent accidents. It would be safest to carry a first aid kit in the rare case of injuries, such as papercuts or scratches.

Get only the best supplies for interior painting in Philadelphia

Interior painting in Philadelphia can help to brighten up spaces and is a great way to bring out character in the environment you live in.

All these items can be found at a local Philadelphia paint shop or home improvement store. Be sure to select quality products and perhaps hire a professional painting company to get the best results for your interior painting in Philadelphia, and make the painting process as enjoyable as possible.