The Collingdale Award program is a prestigious award that chooses the best local small businesses in and around the Collingdale area. 

This award recognizes small businesses known for their impeccable customer service despite the tough economic conditions and the various marketing methods used by these small businesses.

Being granted the award for best in the Painting Contractor category has given us here at Old World Painting a new sense of empowerment as a small, local business. We’re also honoured to be among many other reputable small businesses that excel in their field as service providers.

The 2022 Collingdale Award Program focuses on the quality of a service rather than the quantity. A thorough analysis of the information obtained by the program internally, as well as via third-party sources, helps in choosing the winners for each category.

Not only does the Collingdale Award Program recognize and reward a local business for its tireless efforts, but it also recognizes the programs that generate a competitive advantage and a gateway to long-term values.

What we hope to accomplish with our latest Collingdale Award recognition

As a painting contractor that specializes in residential, commercial, interior, and exterior painting as well as historical restorations, we hope to increase our competitive presence locally and hone our skills in closing business deals.

We are extremely grateful to the Collingdale Award Program for allowing us to be a recognized local business brand and will strive to continue providing our customers with a service that exceeds their expectations while contributing to the US economy.
For more insights on the Collingdale Awards Program and the Best Award in the Painting Category of 2022, you can go through the official press release here.