Kitchen cabinets are usually the main focal point when you walk into a kitchen. If you dread walking into yours because you’re greeted by an unsightly set of cabinets every time, maybe it’s time you upgraded.

Don’t fret, you might not need to completely remove your kitchen cabinets and replace them with new ones. Hiring a professional cabinet painting service can do wonders for the overall appearance of your kitchen—this is cheaper and faster than a kitchen remodel.

With thorough prep work and a fresh coat of paint, your kitchen cabinets will be the only thing you want to look at as you walk into the kitchen. Expert painters will use only the best paint for kitchen cabinets while keeping the material they’re working on in mind.

With improvements in technology in the paint manufacturing industry, there are now new types of paints that have reached the market that are more effective, attractive, and durable.

Some of the commonly used paints for cabinet painting include:

  1. Oil-based paints

These paints have been a popular choice among cabinet painters for years as they’re known to provide a resilient finish. Surfaces that are painted with oil-based paint make cleaning extremely easy without the risk of scratching the paint, which is ideal for a kitchen setting.

Although using oil-based paints is a practical option, it takes about 16 hours to dry before another coat can be applied. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough ventilation, it may take days for the paint to dry.

This can pose a major inconvenience when using your kitchen and the paint can begin to form a yellow tint over time, causing your cabinets to look old and discolored.

  1. Latex-based paints

While oil-based paints are easy to apply and clean, latex paints are the best paints to use for kitchen cabinets as it has a quicker drying time and contains fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Most latex paints are durable on a surface and can be cleaned without the risk of damaging it, which is ideal for kitchen cabinets.

Make sure an expert painter uses latex paint when painting a wooden set of cabinets as the cabinets will need to be properly prepped before the paint job commences to prevent the texture of the wood from showing through the paint.

  1. Alkyd-based paints

This type of paint has a similar consistency to oil-based paint but contains no oil and produces an enamel finish that’s extremely tough and durable without a top coat.

If you have wooden or metal kitchen cabinets, alkyd paints are ideal as brush strokes and streaks aren’t shown once completely dry. Most professionals use alkyd paints as surfaces require less prep work and no sanding is involved.

These hybrid enamel paints are preferred by expert cabinet painters because of their low-maintenance properties and strong adhesiveness.

Cabinet painting experts can help select the best paint for kitchen cabinets

Professional cabinet painters can help you pick the best paint for kitchen cabinets depending on the material your cabinets are made of. 

They’ll also provide the cabinets with a suitable finish that complements the design of the cabinets and the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

Contact Collingdale’s best when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, for a flawless and durable set of cabinets.