For most people looking for house painting services in Montgomery County PA, winter doesn’t seem like the ideal time to paint your home. 

With Montgomery County’s hot summers averaging at around 75 degrees, this weather seems like a better fit with plenty of warm air to help dry the paint. 

While there isn’t necessarily one best season to paint your home—mostly because there are a number of factors that can affect your paint job—that doesn’t mean that you should discount winter automatically. 

In fact, there are quite a few benefits to indoor house painting in Montgomery County PA during this particular time of the year.

  1. Paint dries faster in winter

One of the most common misconceptions about winter painting is that you need the heat of the summer in order to dry paint. 

Most summers are quite humid, which means that there is a lot of moisture in the air. The excess moisture means that paint will stay wet for a longer period of time. 

Wet paint is known to pick up a lot more dust from the room and can be damaged easily, especially if you bring furniture back into the room too early. On top of that, humid air can lead to blistering paint, chips, and flakes.

The colder the weather gets, the less humid it is, which gives you faster drying times. 

With Montgomery County’s winters charting temperatures that go down as far as 25 degrees, it’s safe to say that winter is an appropriate time to consider home improvement projects. 

The only key challenge winter painting presents is that the walls need to be sufficiently warm for your paint to be applied. 

Fortunately, this is attainable by adjusting your thermostat for the duration of the paint job and approximately 36 hours after. This creates the ideal atmosphere for the new paint to adhere to your walls. 

Opting to do your indoor house painting in Montgomery County PA during winter may be the ideal way to speed up the project and give you a smooth new coat of paint much faster. 

  1. Painting your home in winter is often cheaper

When you are hiring a professional for indoor house painting in Montgomery County, PA, ensuring availability is easier in the winter. 

Exterior painting requires hot summer temperatures to help the paint dry well so freezing temperatures mean that there are fewer jobs available for painters, which, in turn, means demand for painting services in the winter is low.

Since pricing is based partly on demand, you will likely get a lower estimate for your paint job during this season. 

  1. More flexibility with painters and scheduling

Everyone books painters during the summer months. This means that the best and most reputable professional painters are often booked up for most of the summer. 

Painting your interiors in summer may mean that you have to wait a lot longer to get your house painted, and you might even have to settle for a rushed job from a less experienced painter. 

During the winter, there are fewer jobs for painters to work on. This means that more painters will be available to work on your residential interior painting project. 

They may be able to offer you a lot more flexibility to work on your home, which is perfect for people with busy schedules. For example, if you are on a tight timeline, you can even ask for additional manpower so that your project can be completed much sooner.

So whether you want to take time off work to be home during the painting, or whether you want the painters to work only while you’re away, you’ll be able to reach a schedule that fits with your calendar. 

Indoor house painting in Montgomery County PA doesn’t have to be a hassle

While you may not have considered getting your indoor house painting job done during the winter months, there are plenty of reasons why the winter is the perfect time for you. 

This doesn’t mean that summer is unsuitable for interior painting as professional painters are able to paint no matter the season, but winter offers quite a few advantages to your interior painting project. 

As always, you should always look at your own requirements, and chat with a professional, to figure out the best fit for you.