Summer is that time of the year when all retail businesses benefit from their customers’ readiness to spend. 

A recent study conducted by revealed that 45% of Americans spend more money during the summer months. 

With more potential business during these months, there’s more reason for you to get your store painted and give your business a brand-new look.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider store painting to transform your business in time for summer, so you can be primed and prepped for all eager buyers. 

1. To refresh your property and highlight your best-sellers

Of course, a bad paint job reflects badly on your business. 

Whether it’s peeling paint, fading paint, or even dirty walls—these factors stop you from putting your best foot forward, which will, in turn, negatively impact your sales. 

Bright, fresh colors will show that you care about your store and that business is booming. 

A store with a good paint job simply looks more appealing and can leave a great impression on first-time customers because they feel sold by your brand as soon as they enter your space. 

You can even use this store painting opportunity to highlight your products. 

Even if you already have a strategy behind how and where you place items in your space, with store painting, you can enhance this strategy in simple ways. One way is by painting one wall or section in a different color to emphasize the products displayed in that section. 

2. To set the mood in your store

While we’re on the topic of accentuating your walls with paint, the colors used on your walls can have a significant effect on how your business is portrayed. 

Not only will it affect how your employees feel as they spend time in your store, but it can also affect customers that come into your store.

By using the principles of color psychology, you can have your store painted in a way that influences the mood of your store visitors, brings out the best in your products, and offers your employees a more supportive work environment. 

Here are some of the most commonly used colors and how they affect the mood of your store:

  • Yellow and orange are both cheerful and optimistic colors. Orange specifically can encourage impulsive shopping. 
  • Red often signals urgency, passion, movement, and excitement. It’s also known to increase appetite, so it can be a good option for stores selling food or drink. 
  • Black signifies strength and power. This color, however, can be overwhelming if overused, so it’s better to use it as an accent for products that you may want to highlight. 
  • Blue fosters feelings of tranquility and peace due to its associations with the sea and the sky. For customers, it can be used to promote reliability and security—the color is also known to curb appetites. For employees, blue helps promote productivity. 
  • White creates a sense of cleanliness and neutrality. Since it operates like a blank canvas, it often sparks creativity as well, which can inspire employees. 
  • Purple is associated with royalty and class, so it would be your best bet to promote luxurious products. 
  • Gray helps give off a sense of practicality and can be a good choice for stores selling everyday items.
  • Green is used to relax customers—due to its association with the environment—and encourage decisiveness. 
3. To stay ahead of the competition

If you had to choose between one of two retail stores, where one store looks well-maintained with a bright and prominent color palette while the other has a faded paint job with cracks and bubbles forming, which one will you gravitate towards?

Subconsciously, you are going to be drawn to the one that looks like it’s thriving, even if they offer the same products as the other store. 

This is especially true if you rely on location to draw in customers, as the appearance of your store is an important factor that will encourage your customers to step inside. 

A new paint job can also help your store stand out and alter your customers’ experience with you for the better in comparison to your competition. 

Store painting can help renew the appearance of your business

Store painting can elevate the look of your business instantly so that you can stay ahead of your competition and attract more customers.

Summer may already be here, but it’s still not too late for you to consider giving your store a fresh look, and who better to ensure the job is done perfectly than experienced painters? 

Reach out to your chosen painting company so they can help give your store that brand-new look you want all year round.